Stefan Studer



Stefan Studer is recognized mostly for his portrait and fashion work.

Born in Zurich Switzerland to a traditional Swiss family, remote from the worlds of fashion and Hollywood, Studer moved from Zurich to Paris in 1996 where he was offered a first assistant full time position with renowned celebrity photographer Michel Comte. He worked his way up to become studio manger when relocated to New York.

Stefan Studer’s very first US Editorial assignment was for the legendary LIFE Magazine in 1999 in NYC. Since than Studer has entered the world of many prestigious editorials such as Vogue, GQ, NY Times, Rolling Stone, House and Garden and many more.

Advertising campaigns for international clients such as IWC, Lee Jeans, Hugo Boss, Sony Music and more. 

Celebrities like Joan Collins, Michael Caine, Paris Hilton, Jon Stewart, Laila Ali, Patrick Dempsey, Laura Linney, Oliver Stone and many more have all been in front of Studer’s camera. As has former First Lady Nancy Reagan for an art-book project called “A First Lady’s Style”.

 Through all his traveling and various living stays in Zurich, Paris and New York, Studer is fluent in Swiss-, German, English and French. 

Today, Stefan Studer’s base is in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife Syrinthia, his son Christian and two Basset Hounds and one Cocker Spaniel. 





I have always loved images that make my imagination work.   
An image has to first get your attention, then start to shape your thoughts, but then, and more crucially, a great image has to allow you to form opinions.
If at first it fails to get your attention, you won’t see it.  If it fails to shape your thoughts, you won’t think about it.  But if an image tells you everything at once, it doesn’t become a part of you, you will never remember it let alone fall in love with it.

I love not being able to control everything.

Only by doing this I can discover the things I could not see.

—Stefan Studer

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